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Vision, Mission and Values


Inspiring our students; broadening understanding and horizons

We will be a leading university for expanding higher education opportunities: inspiring our diverse student body to achieve ambitious goals and broadening understanding and horizons across the communities we engage.

Who we are

  • We value diversity. We respect the voice of every individual in our global network.
  • We work collaboratively. In partnership with our students, communities and business we innovate in tackling shared challenges.
  • We take personal responsibility. We work to realise the ambitions of our diverse students and staff.
  • We communicate what matters when it matters. We value free, open and inclusive debate.
  • We strive for excellence. We are committed to learning, research and continuous improvement of our practice.
  • We are inspired by the promise of higher education. We strive to create a more democratic, sustainable and equal society.

We aim to:

  • Inspire our diverse student body to achieve ambitious goals
  • Engage our people in innovation and development
  • Expand higher education opportunities
  • Broaden understanding and horizons across the communities we engage

Transforming Bedfordshire Strategy 2021-2026

Our strategy for 2021-2026 represents our shared ambition for the University over the next five years and sets out our vision to be a vibrant and ambitious academic community, celebrating diversity and the transformative power of education.

Featuring nine ambitious goals to ‘Transform Bedfordshire’, our strategy will build on our strengths, address our developing areas and open up new opportunities for our staff and students.

We are excited to share our plans with you and please click here to read our Transforming Bedfordshire Strategy.